The Company

Simple. Modern. Trendy.

Tea is more for us than just a commercial merchandise. We not only sell it, we are also responsive to our suppliers and customers: We listen to them, discuss with them, give them advice and motivate them to new ideas until a tailor-made solution can be presented – until the customer lifts up the tea cup.

Quite often our business partners are also our friends. They appreciate our knowhow and our experience. For example, by using our warehouses in Vienna, Hamburg and New York, by accepting our financing and delivery assistance, by having us create ice tea mixtures, private brands, tea bags and tea packages or by asking our expertise in the joint tea gustation.
Irrespective of the service aspect, we do not want to make tea drinking complicated in any way: For us, tea is fashionable, modern and trendy.

Last year we also initiated a new path in acquisition by having bought a tea plantation. Since then, we have been the first importing company in Austria, which cultivates tea by itself and thereby being even better able to have quality under control.

And we go even one step further: We want our tea to be at the liking of both the environment and the environmentally conscious tea drinking person.