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Teegarten Services

Importing & customs.
Our service includes customs clearance of your purchases in compliance with all FDA regulations, including their recent requirements for prior notice. We make sure that all import documents are available at the steamer’s arrival to get your teas smoothly through customs and the FDA registration checks. We work with trucking agents, experienced in handling and moving your tea to either our warehouse or your requested final destination.

Teegarten’s U.S. warehouse is located in New Jersey. We currently store up to 30 standards of tea. Is this year’s iced tea demand greater than you anticipated? Do you need teas in a hurry? We may have the teas you need on hand. We can also store your annual demand, and deliver it as you need it.

Just-in-time delivery.
We are experienced in shipping teas from origin by ocean freight as well as airlifts. We are also familiar with surface shipments, finding the lowest trucking costs while delivering your teas on time. Let us store your annual demand in our warehouse, and deliver it to you as you need it.

Your business is growing and finances may be getting a little tight in the summer, just when you need to make all of your annual purchases. We are not just your vendor. We are partners. When you make a purchase commitment for a large quantity of teas at the peak of the season, we can provide you with financing so you will have top quality teas throughout the year. Together we can help each other grow.

Teegarten can help you create your own unique blend that no one else in the world has to offer. This is usually done with consideration of local water conditions and the preferences of your customer base. Found a great tea and have no idea what it could be? You want to identify and match the flavor profile in your existing standards? Teegarten will help you to identify the ingredients and tell you how to duplicate the flavor. Since our teas are a good value – top quality at a fair price— we can often lower the cost of your existing standard, whether it is for hot or iced teas.

Want to offer a new tea program and don’t know where to start? Looking for ways to lower costs in your existing programs? With over 25 years experience in tasting and blending, Teegarten will work with you to develop a new line of teas, or fine tune your existing programs.

Teegarten works closely with the American Tea Association, Specialty Tea Institute, and Austrian Tea Board. We are up-to-date on all FDA regulations and certifications. We are proud to have recently sponsored The Specialty Tea Institute’s Tea Certification Program in San Francisco, and look forward to being one of the sponsors for this year’s SCAA show in Seattle. We are passionate about tea, and welcome you to share our fascinating journey.