The Plantations

Tea that also tastes good for the environment.

We are not perfect, however we try hard to do the right thing. This is why we bought a tea plantation of our own in 2009, by which we can and will have now a direct responsibility for the consequences of our company on society and the environment – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our plantation is located in the tea cultivation area of Darjeeling, in the North of India on the hills of the Himalaya. The path leads from the airfield of Bagdogra through the village of Siliguri and then straight to the North of the Himalayan massif. We continue, by passing along the world cultural heritage and the steam-powered narrow gauge railway, upwards to 1,000 metres above the sea level. The landscape and the climate there are extremely beautiful.

Our first impression, however, was completely different from that: The tea bushes were growing uncontrolledly, the factory was dark and run-down, and there was only one small path – one kilometre away from the main street. The workers were in a bad mood and unmotivated, which was hardly surprising: they had been waiting for their salaries already for months, whilst they had to carry the owner of the plantation over several kilometres to his bungalow.

Now the situation is different: The factory is working, there is a drivable road, a new power supply line and a pharmacy. The tea bushes are healthy, and a million young tea cuttings have been planted. We have been able to increase production by 25 per cent already. Beside Darjeeling Tea, also specialties such as Green Pearl, Green Tea Rose or White Tea are produced. What is however as important for us: That the living and working conditions of the local people are successively being improved.

Currently, we are building a temple. Step by step the inhabitants and employees are taking new courage, and many of them are even proud of their plantation again. And who knows?



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