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Extreme sports fit our philosophy




The Race across America. You can only go through such a competition if you know how to motivate yourself to keep on going to reach out for a top ranking. A clear focused mind and the motivation are the secrets of success. We follow the same principles in our effort to provide best possible service. That is why we see good synergy in supporting an extreme sport representative.


Gerhard Gulewicz - Extreme Biking.

Already as a youngster Gerhard was sportively interested. From the beginning an extraordinary stamina featured this young man to highest performance levels.


Power lifting was his first sportive action in the late 80ies. After climbing up the ladder of success a severe shoulder injury ended his powerful lifting carreer. Almost a decade later - in the meanwhile Gerhard concentrated on his business and not sports - an ordinary bet brought him back to sportive action. A 100km mountain bike marathon was to be solved within 8 hours of time. Gerhard succeeded and never really got off the bike from this day on.


For the past 7 years Gerhard participated in the toughest race in the world. The RAAM - Race across America. It is our tea that helps Gerhard to perform during this race.

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